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Last updated: Tue, 2020 Jun 2

1 What is this?

This is my wishlist. A wishlist of stuff I would like to acquire that I haven't yet. It is stuff that I will either take care of myself, or stuff that you can help me get. If you have information about the availability of some items, or find a deal, or can hook me up somehow, it would be sweet if you could contact me.

This list is also meant to be a reflection of what my plans are, but in a materialistic way, as I am not listing things that I want to do which are not limited by materialistic resources. This list can also give inspiration to what one could get me if there is an occasion to make my day. In this regard, it is especially for my grandma who wants to know what to get me when she wants to buy me something, like for my birthday (which I don't like to celebrate) or for the winter solstice.

2 Notes

  • I am a vegan. Any present that I shall receive from you must be vegan. I won't accept non-vegan items. This might sound harsh, as this is a present from you after all, and it's pretty rude to reject presents, right? Well, I am sorry if you think that is rude, and I do not want to hurt your feelings, but some things are very important to me. Feel free to discuss my standpoints on rejecting presents just because they are not vegan.

3 The list

This is it, the list. It will be regularly updated, hopefully not only when I think of something new that I want, but also removing things that I did get. I mean actually, that's the point, I wouldn't want anyone to surprise me with something that I already have. So yeah, I will most definitely erase stuff that I have or I might add a note to something that.

3.1 Music

As for music tracks, I have a discogs wantlist (user zmberber on discogs), which will be regularly updated. When there are multiple versions (releases) of the same album listed, it means that I want any one of these versions, not all of them. Since there are a lot of multiples, just scroll through the pages. I am sorry for that by the way.

I am not really that big on vinyl (yet), or cassetes, but I do like CDs.

Note that if possible, I want a CD-ROM, labelled "CD" on discogs, this means hard pressed, or glass mastered, and not a CD-R (labeled "CDr" on discogs). CD-Rs are meant to be recordable, but that means it is not pressed like normal CDs, so CD-Rs may only last 10 years. If there ever by accident is some CDr listed where a hard pressed glass mastered CD also exists, it probably doesn't belong in my wantlist, and I really am only interested in the hard pressed CD version.

I am not really that big on vinyl (yet), or cassetes, but I do like CDs.

If you ever want to get me anything, check on discogs if it is still on my want list and if it is in my collection. In doubt, I will never complain about owning second copy ;)

3.1.1 Releases of strong desire

These are of special interest to me, as they are rare. Yes, I know, I should just get them. But I don't want to spend the cash on it know.

    • The Super Ultra Deluxe version with 4 or 5 vinyls that I mostly don't care about and a bunch of CDs, but most importantly, it includes booklets and artwork or posters.
    • It should be correctly listed in my wantlist.
  • Beach Boys – Pet sounds Sessions Special Edition (check discogs)
  • Giant Claw – Dark Web
    • Only the Japanese version is not CDr afaik, so please, that version, as listed on my wantlist
  • Burial – Untrue
    • The reissued Japanese version with the bonus tracks, as listed in my wantlist
  • Burial – Burial
    • The reissued Japanese version with the bonus tracks, as listed in my wantlist
  • Skream – Skream!
    • The Japanese CD release with the bonus tracks
  • Anything else on my discogs wantlist that isn't in production anymore and scarce usually

3.1.2 Digital

  • Macintosh Plus – Floral Shoppe
    • EDIT: I found it on soulseek.
    • I want the FLAC (or WAV) files. They used to exist on the Beer on the rug bandcamp page, but it got removed for copyright reasons (I believe). I do have high quality mp3 files, but I want the FLAC files. Btw, I do not want those dumb vinyl rip FLAC files that are floating around on the interwebs. Why would I want a digital rip of an analog rip of a digital file?

3.1.3 CD

Note that if possible, I want a CD-ROM (labelled "CD" on discogs), and not a CD-R (labeled "CDr" on discogs). CD-Rs are meant to be recordable, but that means it is not pressed like normal CDs, so CD-Rs may only last 10 years.

3.1.4 Music production gear

  • Doepfer BBD A-188D
  • A modular low pass filter
    • All the ones Doepfer sells are cool, for different reasons
  • PreenFM2 eurorack format
    • DIY is totally ok. In fact, I might prefer it.
  • MIDI keyboard
    • I really like the swissonic one (even though it is quite cheaply made probably), as this one (as far as I understand) has the option to assign any midi CC to the sliders and the pedal. Especially assigning anything to the pedal is interesting to me. There are also Roland MIDI controllers that are phenomenal, probably preferable, but very expensive.
    • I think at the moment it seems like I would want to have a 49 key one.
  • Korg SQ-1
  • Good 8 String guitar pickups
    • passive humbuckers
    • I want a set of two pickups that work well together on their own, I only have space for a neck and bridge, I don't have one of those fancy guitars with a middle pickup slot (I have an Ibanez RG8 btw)
    • I am not big on the whole super distorted djenty metal shit (even though there is djent that I very much enjoy), I like playing clean, mostly. As long as it sounds nice clean I am happy.
    • Extra bonus, they should sound nice in single coil
    • The ones that seem like I would like them would be a Seymour Duncan Sentinent and Pegasus (passive, 8 string, obviously) combo. There are apparently also some really nice ones by DiMarzio, which are also supposed to sound nice single coiled, but some of them are meant to be used in a 3 pickup setup (with that middle part I was talking about n shit).

3.2 Shaving

  • Yaqui synthetic brush

3.3 Clothing

  • Chaco Z1
    • Size: EU 46, sometimes 47, depending on brand. Don't know how it is with Chaco
    • Yellow
    • Second choice: red
  • Any good flannel shirt
    • Most importantly, I would like to stress that they have to be of good quality (that's what I mean when I say "good" flannel shirt). The fabric should be sturdy. I recently tried out a flannel from C&A or H&M or P&C or M&M or A&R or whatever they're called, and it was just very very mediocre, and the fabric felt kind of flimsy. In the short span Uniqlo has existed in the west, I have actually experienced a decline in quality. That's some stupid shit right there.
    • I really really prefer ones with two pockets, and even better: Two pockets with flaps.
    • Style-wise I prefer it when the pattern on the pockets are not rotated by 45 degrees
    • Design wise: if they a square type pattern, then I usually don't like it that much, unless the squares are really small. But the colors are what what make it for me mostly. It is hard to describe my preferences here.
    • Usually only vintage stuff cuts it for me. Newer shit is either lesser quality, or if it isn't, it's made by some stupid designer company like Alex Mill or some hipster brand like Pike Brothers. They both make good stuff, especially the latter.
  • Carhartt double knees.
    • It could be that the real ones are only available in the States.
    • Color: Carhartt brown. Black is also kewl.
    • Size: TBD

3.4 Random shit

  • cutting board
    • End grain/edge grain (Stirnholz/Hirnholz)
    • closed grain wood like maple, walnut, I think cherry as well, I think beech is supposed to also be very good. Closed grain wood is a must
    • NO STUPID EDGE! JUST A COMPLETELY FLAT RECTANGULAR (rounded corners ok) BOARD ON BOTH SIDES (also no stupid holes inside, but that's not really common with edge grain wood)
    • I have heard not so good things about Boos quality control. I know that for woodworkers it's not that hard to produce, but for some reasons the ones I find are either super fancy and ridiculously expensive, or they are made out of a not so ideal wood
    • Decent size. This means medium to large. I know this is very vague, sorry.
    • Even with all these requirements, I am positive that one can get them for underabout 100, heck even something like 50 bucks in some cases
  • CD shelf
    • I have a few, but if you find a nice quality one…
  • CD crystal cases
  • A nice multi CD "case" (those book-like things)
  • Original Mathmos Lava lamp
    • preferably the violet with orange lava one
  • Mushroom table lamp, or "Pilzlampe"
    • Especially that orange shit, e.g. something that looks like this or a fucking original overpriced NESSO by Artemide (don't give me that, it's stupidly expensive, but I like that style)
    • Actually, I don't really have space for this in my current room. Still, if you find one for free or something, I love that shit!
  • A nice ceiling lamp (Deckenleuchte)
    • similar-looking to the ones described above, I love that shit
    • Or just any really cool looking biggish ceiling lamp. Maybe one that feels nice when playing poker at a table right below such a lamp.
  • A cool/nice/good quality desk lamp
  • A normal pot lid that fits on my instant pot

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